Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rice Krispie Treats

My grandmother used to make them, a lot. I've eaten my weight in them. I have to laugh when I see them for sale in the store. They have them in Starbucks.

There are exactly 3 ingredients in Rice Krispie Treats. Rice Krispie Cereal. Marshmallows. Butter. That's all. All on the stove top. No baking. Google it if you want the recipe. The simplest things are the best.

My grandmother made the recipe on the box, then usually spread something on top. If you take plain old Toll House chocolate chips and melt them, they make a good thing. Or butterscotch chips. Or half and half of each. Then, they came out with white chocolate chips. Goodness. Do you know how many things you can put in melted white chocolate chips that tastes good? Strawberry jam, maple syrup, rum. Oh, don't get me started.

It is the simplest things that are the best. And buying them shrink wrapped in individual servings is just not the same.

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