Friday, November 6, 2009

All for the love of pie crust. Installment I

I absolutely love pie crust. It is one of my favorite things. It is silky soft and tough as can be all at the same time. It is comfort and peace; it is my culture. It is my mother. All from fat, salt, ice water, and flour! Isn't the world an amazing place?
In a large bowl, combine, 2 cup flour, 1 t. salt, 2/3 cup shortening and 6 T ice water. Rings off, use your hands. This is not a job for someone who cares about her manicure. What does it feel like? Love, a warm kitchen, supper on the stove, and a warm bed later. Continue to squeeze between you fingers and kneed it with your palm until it looks like this.

Flour your board, you can use a clean counter top. My mother used a large piece of wood my father made for her about the size of my marble in the picture. We called it the bread board. It was used to roll out many a pie crust and cookie dough, to kneed bread dough and cut noodles.

Turn the ball of dough onto the floured bowl and roll it to coat it with the flour. Cut the ball in two and put half back in the bowl. You'll need two pie crusts, top and bottom.

Opps, camera stopped working. More soon.

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