Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Expensive?

I hear several reasons why people don't cook real food.  One is people think it is more expensive.  People point to dollar menus and so forth, but I still don't get it.

Let's take an example.  I buy whole chickens at $.79 per pound.  It is probably different in other areas, but in my Store they come on sale several times per year at that price and that is my price point.  I buy several at a time and freeze them.  So at 5 lbs for the bird, you do the math.  Let's say I stew him or roast him.  Then pick half the meat off and reserve it for a casserole.  The remaining carcass and meat gets made into chicken carcass soup.  Boil down the bones into a rich stock, add back in the meat and a boat load of veggies.  If this is new to you, Google it or take out any Better Homes or Betty Crocker cookbook.  My family can eat many bowls of the soup for lunch all week.  Cost per meal, just a few cents and very healthy. 

Now back to the casserole.  See my November 21 post for an example.  The rest of the ingredients are still pennies and I have eight servings there. 

Real food is not more expensive than fast food.  It's not.


  1. Shout it loud and clear into society. The more people who start cooking the better for all of us I say.

    Regardless of the economics you point out, by cooking we avoid so many chemicals and additives that are in fast and more processed foods.

  2. Seems to me that the problem is a lot about marketing. People get convinced that they "need" things that previous generations didn't even have access to. Food is not brain surgery. Just food.

  3. LeAnn, thanks for your comment on my blog--looks like you and I have a lot of opinions in common. This post is so true, and I agree with you about marketing. Sadly, this is why we see obesity as a problem in lower economic households (although they're not the only ones with the problem!) "Easy" food is rarely cheap and often unhealthy, and "real" food can often be extremely easy and inexpensive! I'm a new mom, and since money is tight given that I'm starting culinary school instead of working, I'm now venturing into making my own baby food. I can't believe how much I'm saving over buying Gerber, and I feel good I'm giving my daughter a healthy start like my parents gave me.
    I look forward to more posts about your straightfoward, delicious food! -Alaina

  4. Alaina, It does sound like we have a lot in common. I think this is a fight we each have to carry on in our own way. But it isn't easy.