Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Work

This has absolutely nothing to do with what I normally talk about.  In fact, it's a tender subject for me.  This is what pays the bills at the Osbornes.  This is our work. The following pictures are of a new building.  It's retail space.  People will shop here.  I'm not going to say who or where for hopefully obvious reasons.

Husband and I have a company that does commercial HVAC.  There are large heating a cooling units on the roof which we place there with a crane.  We hang this duct work in the space to carry the heated or cooled air to its destination.  This pipe is 20 feet in the air. 

The hard hat on the right belongs to Husband.  The hard hat and yellow arm on the left is one of our foremen.  This is hard work.  These guys are studs and heroes in my book. The recession hurt us.  It was hard to keep going. 

Almost over night, we went from making a good living with a good future to seriously in trouble and afraid.  Entrepreneurs risk everything.  We weren't just looking at no work.  We were looking at potentially loosing everything. 

These two pictures are kitchen hoods in the same space.  We do that too - the welded grease duct and grease fans that serve them and the make up air units that pump air back into the space.  Things are getting better. 

Much better actually.  We are hopeful, optimist.   

It wouldn't be true to say that we are back to normal or that everything was great, but we are still here.  Actually, we may be creating a new normal.  The pre-recession really was awful nice and I will miss it.  In this picture you can see the figure of a man in the upper just left of center above the hood.  He is welding gas pipe to fuel the hood. 

So here is my perspective on what I'm telling you.  First, during hard times, you learn not only what you are made of, but what those around you are made of.  I learned that I am one tough chick and that I married well. 

Second, I learned that life is short.  My hair literally went gray during this last couple of years of struggle.  It wasn't gray before.  And, yes, I have a wonderful lady I see every 6 weeks who is taking care of that for me.  But it had other big affects on me.  It is prompting me to make some changes in my life. 

I'm only now starting to figure out what that means.

I have never had self esteem problems and I'm dreaming big.  What's next?  I don't even know, but something.   


  1. You never know how strong you are, until pressed to be. You made it! Love the new blog header.

  2. Sometimes our journey will bring out in us the very best that we didn't even know we had. Your new blog is great!