Friday, April 8, 2011

Steelhead with lemon caper butter.

The Sous Chef has been busy and is tired.  So it's all me today.

I've been cooking recently from a cookbook I bought used at a thrift store.  What's for Dinner? by Maryana Volstedt.  It is copyright 1997.  She is from the Pacific Northwest as am I.  I get her sensibility.  Who ever gave up this book was crazy.  I find myself wanting to make everything in it. 

Today, I'm making Steelhead with lemon caper sauce.  It was inspired by a recipe in this book on page 108, Citrus Salmon Steaks.

Steelhead is in the trout family, but larger than our native trout.  It's flesh is orange like Salmon but a little softer and sweet.  It is Steelhead season around here.  Boats are lined up on the Columbia river fishing for it.

I'm starting with a lovely piece of Steelhead with skin on.  The marinade for it is 1 T. canola oil, the juice of one-half an orange, 2 T. of lemon juice, 1 t. Worcestershire sauce, 1 t. salt.  My ever-present Pyrex pie plate is holding the marinade and the fish, which I place in the frig for about 30 minutes.  Meanwhile the most delicious Lemon-Caper Sauce.  I've taken some liberties with Maryana's recipe.  Here is my version.  1/2 c. mayonnaise, 1/4 c. buttermilk, 1 T. lemon juice, 1/2 t. dried dill weed,  1 t. drained capers, chopped, 1/4 t. salt. 

Remove the fish from its marinade and bake the fish in a 350 oven until just done in the middle.  I don't do the partially raw fish thing that some people do these days.  The sauce goes over the fish and vegetable.  It is good over any basic vegetable.  Our current favorite is broccoli with this sauce.  Tonight it is Swiss Chard.  And a popover.  This Swiss chard recipe next.  Remember to find things that inspire you, 'cause life is short and inspiration is everywhere. 

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  1. That caper sauce sounds wonderful, maybe now I will eat more fish.

  2. I made tuna salad sandwich with the left over sauce with a pinch of ceyenne pepper and some more salt. A tomato slice, a lettuce slice. It was good.

  3. I like this idea of using caper sauce. Thanks for linking up with me