Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Braised Beef Shank

I was going to cook on Sunday, but something came up.  Actually, someone needed babysitting so that his parents could have a date.  And I mean, can you blame me? 

So Sunday afternoon.  Dude (formerly known as Baby) and I were curled up on his parent's couch in their new place watching a kid movie.  

No this waited just fine on Monday - Beef Shank.  It was new to me out of our local meat.  I want more.  It is a poor cut.  Tough and hard to cook.  But delicious if you have the time.   It needs to be braised.  To braise, add good oil to a heavy pot and get it screaming hot.  Add the meat with tongs.  An onion well chopped.  Be careful.  Move it around a bit so that it doesn't stick and brown it on all sides.  Don't worry about cooking it in the middle.  And, now is the time for the Ove-Glove. 

Just cook it hot and fast on the outsides, turning it with tongs or other tools.  Once browned remove it and you have the most delicious stuff. 

Chefy people call the next part deglazing, but it isn't rocket science.  Use a spoon to loosen any stuck parts from the bottom of the pan. They are flavor.  Add a cup of good beef stock, a can of tomatoes and a can of tomatoe sauce, a t. salt. 

So I find myself home and cooking somewhere around early Oprah.  A rare thing.  I put the meat back in.  Use the spoon to break up the tomatoes and set it for a slow simmer.  Husband comes in and says it smells really good.  Kisses my neck.  I'll give you a couple months to stop that!

I'm cleaning out the freezer because I tend to stock it in the spring and summer.  I freeze the most interesting things.  This is a cup of small white beans.  I cooked a whole bag back in December for some soup or stew and froze this cup for later and here we are.   

Add the white beans.   I was about to add more seasoning, maybe some Italian Seasoning, but I'm glad I waited.  It really didn't need it.  Put the lid on and simmer on low for 2 hours.  

Let's see. What should I do with this delicious looking bone?


Oh, no. Look what happened. 

Oh well, the sous chef has been very good. 

With spaghetti, a little braised beef shank, a little sauce, a glass of wine.  You know what I'm saying?



  1. Shanks are not always at the meat counter, but when I see them, into the basket they go. Good good meat, and the sous chef did need to try it too!

  2. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes. I completely understand why you would put aside dinner plans to watch a movie with him. I do it often. I just watched Shrek 14 times.