Monday, April 18, 2011

Growing Greens

I was pretty serious about growing greens, swiss chard and others.  They are cool weather crops.  Last time I checked, I lived in cool weather.  My attempts at cooking Kale purchased from Diane's Produce last fall and winter were not successful.  Husband didn't like it.  I think his exact words were "ick."  And I've got to admit it was a little bitter.  Not Diane's fault of course.  Congratulations to Diane for staying open year round and trying to provide all of the local goodness that she can.

I had a long talk with Melissa Rodewold with Century Farm and; Nursery out of La Center, WA, one of my first visits to the Farmers Market.  She suggested a variety of greens grown as cool weather crops, beet tops, collards and some I hadn't heard of.  Wait a second and let me catch up, please.  Her favorite Kale is Red Chidon, says it grows easily and is sweeter and better tasting.  Worth a try.  A start purchased from her has been living in the greenhouse since I bought it.  Today is it's big day. 


  1. Kale was not received well here either. Although I do have a fondness for kale chips. But the Red Chidon would be fun to try. thanks.

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