Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Sing, Construction, and Little Trees

First, it kind of looks like Meema and Papa are invited to the Pleasant Valley Spring Sing.  Is that cute or what?

Next, look what's happening near us.  Someone is building a few houses.  I haven't seen that for nearly 2 years.  I don't personally think that the consumer economy will feel much more prosperous than right now for up to a year on the bright side, maybe longer. 

Small businesses need to catch up on deferred maintenance, deferred capital expenditures, paying debt and accumulating a little capital assets.  It's a good thing for everyone if small business can regain some stability.  Remember that the economy could get worse and still may. But, it feels good that someone is building houses.  Last week, my construction company submitted a bid to work on a pretzel shop in a mall.  My theory always goes like this:  If someone is willing to build a (fill in the blank) store, it means they are willing to take personal risk on the gamble that people want to buy (fill in the blank).  Here is to hoping there is a pretzel market out there.  

And finally, there is a really pretty little tree in front of our business property.  I tell it that it's cute and give it a pep talk every day.  Last, summer I was delighted to see that it had babies.  I mean little sprouts of it had grown up around it.  I dug up three and stuck them in my greenhouse for the winter.  Only one survived.  I care for it daily and promise that I have a beautiful home prepared for it once it gets just a bit larger. 

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