Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Response to the "Modern" World

I'm not a big fan of Facebook.  Some people use it to put one sentence sound bites on how they feel that day.  Others use it to have very limited discussions with others.  Having a discussion in sound bites is not something that seems to work well.  And you get that this is not really friendship, right?  People who see your intimate thoughts on Facebook may be only acquaintances.  Calling them friends doesn't make it so.

There was recently a controversy on Facebook among the Osbornes as to whether Step Grand Daughter should be taken fishing.  The exactly comment was "Isn't she too young to be killing animals?"   

The world changed recently.  Traditionally, children were not as insulated from the realities of life.  They didn't grow up thinking that eggs come from Costco.  They knew eggs came out of chickens because they had some contact with the process.  They knew what birth was because they had seen it in some form.  They dug in the dirt, road their bikes far and wide, picked food from plants and ate it raw and dirty.  They lived closer to Grandma and Grandpa, saw them age, saw them sick, saw them die. 

There was no antibiotic soap.  We were sprayed with a little Biactine and called it good.  We were exposed to things.  We learned to pee outside behind a bush when the occasion called for it.  

Is today's world better?  McDonalds, Costco, frozen entrees in a bag?  These things are new.  They haven't been around long.  Is our world a better place because of it?    Are we healthier, happier, more self actualized?  Well, I'll let you make your own decision, but please leave me a comment with your thoughts.  And Osbornes - no offense, just my opinion on that.


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  1. we definitely aren't healthier, and I would argue, happier either. I have been watching reruns of The Waltons recently, and it strikes me how much family togetherness there is. yes, I kno it is TV, and family issues are inevitably solved at the end of the hour. But I would have loved that sort of life.

    so how do we get back that sense of community, that 'good life'? It seems that especially here in the US we have lost our way. people living in other countries on a dollar a day seem happier than us.

  2. I went off on a rant the day I wrote this. Thanks for the input, Trish, and to others who gave me input in other ways about my rant. The Waltons take place in the 1930s during the Great Depression. The story line feels good, but is unrealistic, as you mention. It is not where I'm going at all. Going back is not the way. Going forward is the only way. I don't really know how. I do believe that we are all leaders and teachers for those around us. We each have an opportunity to change and influence. These are choices that need to be made by all of us with awareness and a mature mind. Small choices every day may make for a better future.

  3. If this was Facebook I would click the "like" button.