Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dungeness Crabs

These beauties are a special present from Daughter in Law.  Thank you, Dear.  They were purchased fully cooked, so don't be expecting any Julia incident in my kitchen, although I would be up to that task. 


I've seen Dungeness Crabs cooked in large vats at the beach.  It isn't for the faint of heart or New Yorkers.  No offense, anyone. But no, these have been in my freezer since purchased. 

They are beautiful and amazing, don't you think?

I'm going to steam them to warm them.  Then, serve the legs with melted butter to dip in.  I'm thinking not to serve the bodies at the table.  Cleaning the bodies of these crabs is not a tidy task and I'm not skilled at it.

 The gills area can be just peeled away. 

The crab "butter",  which is the intestinal areas, won't hurt you, but I've read that the "butter" sometimes has a concentration of Mercury. 

We'll be discarding anything that isn't clearly crab meat today and not worrying any more about that.  I'm not one who worries about food.

I sometimes feel guilty sucking out their good parts.  But not enough to stop. Remember that it's the simple things, really. 

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  1. My mom worked on the docks in Eureka CA during crab season, she was a "picker", we got to eat lots of crab during the season. Yum, enjoy!