Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stuffed potato and Redecorating the bedroom

We've been eating turkey all week.  It was an extra I bought around the holidays.  You know, the kind with the price you can't turn down if you buy $50 of groceries.  It is a smoked turkey and it has been delicious.  But today, we had errands in Portland and came back over the River just after lunch time, stopping at BJs in Janzen Beach.  Husband likes it.  I prefer Stanfords, but we went there last time.

Actually, I've got this plan to try to re-produce at home my favorite things at my favorite restaurants.  Now that we can go out occasionally, it will be fun to revisit what we like and attempt to re-produce it at home.  Stanford's Crab and Artichoke Sandwich is the first one I'm doing.  I just love that stuff.  

We ate late and we ate hardy, so neither of us is hungry, but skipping dinner is not something I do.  I wake up absolutely starving and spend the next day eating everything in sight. 

So tonight, Baked potato with light sour cream and chopped chives because the chives plant in my herb plot out back looked so good.  A little chopped smoked turkey.  A little left over broccoli casserole (That cutey-pie Alton Brown's recipe.)  It's not for someone watching fat grams and I'm working on remodeling it, but good stuff just isn't fat free. 

And I made a quick trip to GoodWill and found this frame for $2.99.  I reframed a photo that has hung in our bedroom for years now.  It was taken the day of our wedding.  This picture of it does not do it justice.  
I'm redecorating the bedroom.  It all started with a headboard that Step Son made us for Christmas.  He is a talented finish carpenter and it is truly beautiful.  I had it professionally spray painted by a contractor we do business with.  Step Son also made a cabinet to hold Husband's new flat screen TV and accessories.  All this activity got me making other changes.  I'll show pictures soon, along with costs, but I'm getting a lot of bang for my buck.  

I'm also planning on showing what we do for a living on this blog.  Husband and I own a commercial HVAC company.  It isn't much about food, but it is very central and important to how we live.  And what it takes to get heating, ventilating, and air conditioning into the buildings you shop at and do business at is actually fairly interesting.  Also a little creepy, but I'll try to leave that out.  Or maybe you'd like to see.  Thanks for your interest and please remember to come back.



  1. There is a little "creepy" on every job! Stanford's huh? Me too, love that place!

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