Friday, March 4, 2011

Cali, Kids and Date Night at Home

Sorry, I'm still crying.  Don't mind the tissue.  Step-Son and Daughter in Law, along with their family Step Granddaughter and Brilliant Baby, and Cali the cat, moved in with us on New Years Eve.  Long story, but we had a good reason.  

They moved out two days ago.  The silence is making me crazy and tripping me out, but we are glad that they have their own place again and they are even more glad.


What I'll miss most is not the adults.  Ah, sorry, You know I'm crazy about you but....  What I'll miss most is having such close access to the children.  First thing in the morning.  End of the day.  It was heaven.  Love you, Babies.  Meemaw will be there to visit you, any second now. 

Cali the cat is still here.  The big kids thought it best that she stay with us a couple extra days while they get situated.  I'm not a cat person, but Cali and I have come to an understanding...  As long as she stays out of my closet and doesn't scratch my furniture. 

So I thought I'd do a little tribute to my favorite little people while I prepare for Date Night alone with my good husband, alone, in our house, alone, on Friday Night.  Oh, Goodness! 

And remember to come back.  We'll be onto another drama soon.  That's just how we roll at the Osborne's.  Got to go.  It's Date Night at the Osborne's.  


  1. Now you can go and visit, and when the noise/fatigue/chaos is to much, just come home. Where it is quiet, and so fun to talk and remember how wonderful visiting is!

  2. cute baby and nice activities really i loved that and beautiful your all photo's . Nice idea for kids and interesting details shared in recently post so thanks