Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red Currant

One of the funny things Husband said recently is that he looks forward to reading the blog so that he can see what's going on in his life.  (He's such a funny guy.)  We are busy and working hard at our business, but I have a busy mind and here is one of the things I'm thinking about.  (Also, that the upstairs guest bathroom needs to be painted.)

This poor pitiful thing is Red Currant.  I've had it a couple years, given to me by a plant swap friend from her yard.  I forget what I gave her in return.  Last year, the little kids stripped it and sucked it clean of every yummy bit.  I got nothing.

I didn't really mind.  Remembering days of my own childhood, picking crabapples and blackberries until I had a tummy ache.  Washing green beans and yellow corn with the hose and then eating them raw.  Then washing hands and feet with the hose so as to be allowed back into the house.  Last year the kids stripped my peas, parts of my beans, as well as my red currants and I was happy for it.  I bought what I wanted from the farmers stand.  

I have a new cookbook about home canning.  I grew up with home canning and got away from it, but something is drawing me back.  I'm picking out salsa and relish recipes, considering purchasing a pressure cooker, contemplating pickles.  

With the red currants, what should I make? Raspberry Red Current Jam on page 25 sounds appealing. Raspberries are readily available in season.  This is a combination my mother did not considered.  

Just plain Red Current Jelly on page 115 maybe.  I prefer the pouches of liquid pectin.  Do what you like.  I just feel comfortable with that.  


Then there is Rhubarb Red Current Preserve on page 67.  That sounds more like me.  I'm a rhubarb sort of girl. But you saw my currant plant.  
And here is my rhubarb plant.  So it will be a while. And it uses orange zest as natural pectin.  No added pection.  Not sure how I feel about that.  What do you think?
And there you are, Dear.  Did you know all that was going on?
Remember to work when you have to, but think and dream when you can. 


  1. Now I know you were talking to your own Honey, but go with the rhubarb red current, you won't be sorry!

  2. Found your blog through a mutual blogger. This is great! I love what you said about your husband....mine says the same thing.