Monday, January 17, 2011

Meat, Mom and Mayham

1.  If you are interested in local meat from a good source in the Vancouver, Portland area, let me know.  It would mean taking at least 1/2 a cow, but the quality is good and you can go look the cow in the eyeballs, if you want to.  Let me know if you have questions about how this works.  I'm getting some experience I'd be happy to share.

2.  This is my Mom and Sister.  I've blogged some about my mom being in an assisted living facility and us moving her when we found she was not receiving the care we had hoped.  I'm pleased to report that she is mentally clearer than I've seen her in a while and I think it is because she is getting her basic needs met better.  I asked the administrator what percentage of the people in her facility have family involved in their care.  She said 50%.  She said she has clients with family close by who never come see them.  She has one client with a restraining order against her own child.  And one client whose child has taken her money and house and is currently being investigated for it.  She has clients whose children have "grudges."  Heck, I've more than one grudge.  Who cares?  That doesn't mean I'm not going to take as good of care of my mother as possible.  Love You, Mama.  As you get older, take care of your parents.  I'm Serious, People! 

3.  Step Grand Daughter's favorite thing is a lavender and pink unicorn pillow pet. 

The unicorn's name is Polly.  Polly is a female unicorn.  I asked her what the unicorn does with her horn.  I thought she'd say "do magic" or something.  She said Polly "pokes bad people" with her horn, but her horn is "soft."  Not sure what to make of that.  Any ideas?
Don't get creeped out by this.  Brilliant Baby's favorite thing is a talking Elmo.

His other favorite thing is Sister's favorite thing. 

I'm pretty sure that choking a unicorn is bad luck, Right?

Remember to be nice and get along.  This is really important, People! 


  1. I may have suggested this before, but I urge you to consider Buffalo (Bison) too. It tastes as good, or better, than beef yet is low in fat. You have to cook it less, i.e., rare instead of medium rare, because of the lower fat content.

  2. Actually, you have mentioned this before, Richard. Thanks for the suggestion.