Monday, January 10, 2011

Game Day

First, Did you know that cats don't come when called? 

Second, do you know how to get a cat out from under the bed if she doesn't want to come out? 

Apparently there is some football game.  Since I barely know what football is, I'm kind out of the loop.  But I went to U of O for 4 terms before I transferred to OSU.  And I'm the only one in the house who did attend and also the only one who does not own and is not wearing U of O clothing.  This school must be raking it in hand over fist considering the amount of green and yellow I saw today.

I'm not sure who Auburn is.  If you are a fan, I apologize.

Did I mention we have several employees who pre-arranged for a day off tomorrow because they are partying tonight.  We work hard and we play hard. 

 My barbecue meatballs with Josh's sauce hot and bubbly.  They are a lot better than my ability to take a picture of them. 

Daughter in law's taco dip, layers of taco meat, refried beans, lettuce, salsa, tomatoes, olives and avocados.  We ate it with chips and extra taco sauce.
Babies like it. 

Well, babies like everything as long as their big people are happy.

Remember to be happy.  

Oh, yea, this was about football.

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  1. Good times, even if you don't know football (and I don't know football, but I do know good food!).