Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BIG, BIG personalities

What I'm about to tell you is going to sound like a tall tale, but I swear to God it is 100% the truth. 

Papa/Husband brought Brilliant Baby and a cup of coffee to me in bed this morning.  This kid is used to a little snuggle first thing in the morning, so he got right under the covers. 

But Curious George was on down stairs and I was watching the Channel 8 news so he wasn't likely to be happy for long.  I handed him my cell phone. 
He flips it open, smiles big and starts pushing buttons.  I leaned towards him to keep an eye on him, just to make sure he doesn't like call my sister or something.  Almost immediately, I hear a sound and look closely and he has taken a picture with my phone.  Well, a picture of the blankets on the bed, but a picture!  He looks up at me and says "ha ha"  and some other baby stuff that I can't translate.

He continues pushing buttons and I glance over to see that he has the menu of my address book open on my phone.  I say 'No No, Baby" and reach for the phone.  He says "Ahhhh" loudly and pulls away. 

Just then I see the screen where you send text messages.  It's just a wonder I know what it looks like because I rarely send text messages.  Almost never, if the truth were known, but I do know what it looks like.

Just then I hear a tone that I know is the tone when a text message is sent.  Okay, which of my friends or relatives did he send a blank message to?  So I take the phone from him.  He let's out the Indian warpath yelp.  He has sent a text message to his father.  And he has sent the picture of the blanket as an attachment.  To his father.  He has selected his father's name from a list in my address book.  His father.  No text, of course.  Brilliant Baby can't speak real words, let alone spell. 

Just then, I hear a phone tone in another room.  And I hear Step Son say "what the heck?" and I yell out, "Your son did that."  Step Son says, "Whatever!" in his surfer-dude voice (that's another story worth telling one day). 

We settle back into Channel 8 news.  He still has my phone and he did the exact same thing again.  Sent his Dad a blank text with the blanket picture as an attachment.  To his Dad.  With a picture of a blanket.   

We get up and start getting ready.  Now BB is an Osborne. 

And Osbornes have Big, Big personalities, every last freaking one of them.  I mean that in the nicest, kindest, most sympathetic and helpful way, Dear.  But It's genetic.  Just saying.

Look what fun we had.  
Hiding in Papa's Closet.

This was a good game.

And now to MeeMaw's closet.

And, Yes, he still has my phone.

Remember to have fun, but remember to be out of the job market when this kid and his generation enters it.

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  1. I have an old phone I let my G-baby play with. I'm too paranoid she's going to dial 9-1-1.

    He sure is a cutey! I love those PJ's.