Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas, A Public Apology, New Residents

A good Christmas, healthy and well.

And a public apology.  A few days before Christmas, I asked to have my knives sharpened. 

Then I got a little pissy (maybe a little more than pissy) when I got sympathy, but no action. 

I'm usually a pretty smart girl.  They all knew.

It seems that Santa was very good to me this year.  And he'll be getting some extra kisses. 
And, my knives won't need sharpening for a while.

Sorry and thank you. 

And among the new residents, Cali, the cat. 

Cali, you've met Jake, the Golden Retriever? Jake, you know Cali.

Remember to get along.   


  1. You crack me up! We are soooo much alike.

  2. Ooooh-la-la new knives! Santa was indeed good to you. Enjoy.