Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vension Meat Loaf

My husband knows not to bring me flowers.  They are too expensive and only last a few days.  I'm not really crazy for jewelry either.  He know exactly what type of chocolate to bring me, though; I know exactly what will appear on Valentines day.  He knows that my favorite food is anything that lived in a shell in the water with a side of melted butter.  I have such a good husband.

Last time my sister visited, she brought packages of rhubarb from her freezer.  The time before that, she brought me bread from her favorite bakery.  Yes, the people in my life know to bring me food when they want to give me a present.

So recently, a family friend came to visit with a package of ground vension.  Now, I have elk in the freezer, thanks to my step-son.  See previous blogs about my hunter men under the label "elk."  And actually this family friend is my step-son's hunting buddy and a relative of step-daughter.  He has worked in our business and will again.  

I've enjoyed playing with game this winter.  My ground vension was very lean and dark in color.  Here is the recipe I used. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Venison-Meat-Loaf/Detail.aspx

And it didn't last long.  Thanks, Jeff.

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