Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes from the Greenhouse - Week of 2/21/2010

I have a little greenhouse which gives me pleasure.  This time of year I use it to seedstart and to plan projects for my garden later in the year.  I keep a journal of my greenhouse projects.  My intent is to share a summary of my notes from the greenhouse journal each week.  So here goes.  I live in Vancouver, WA

60 degrees on the patio and 85 degrees in the greenhouse.  12:30
  • Moved the spearment plant to the patio
  • 1st planting of dwarf dahlia seeds are up and looking pretty cute.  Planted more
  • Bibb lettuce starts spouted at a rate of 7 out of 8.  Planted 16 more
  • I'm a sucker for volunteers.  Spotted 3 volunteer tomato plants in the pot that had the patio tomato last summer.  Dug them up and moved them to the greenhouse last week.  They are five inches and looking good. 
  • No show on the beef steak seed starts I planted, but it is early.  
  • The chives plant in the greenhouse is all back and going to get clipped for the potato soup I'm planning.  The chives plant in the raised bed is MIA but should reappear.  
  • I have oregano.  Everything else is questionable or worse.  I miss Parsley, Basil, and Tarragon
  • Too hot to stay in the greenhouse comfortably, so I opened a window.  Need to remember to close it this evening
  • Weather report for next week:  Some nights low in the mid 30s but rising to the 40s later in the week.  During the day, 60s.  But of course going back to showers by Thursday, so back to a high in the 50s by end of week.
  • Buds are popping on the blueberries.  Yeah.

Life is good.  Remember that the details are important.    

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