Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mushroom Soup

I didn't start out with the idea that I wanted a blog of my own. Actually, I kind of thought that blogs and bloggers were a little too into themselves. One day it occured to me that being into myself a bit more might be a good thing, but now I'm ahead of my story.

No, I started out looking for blogs I wanted to read. I didn't have much success the first days I looked. There is a lot of things out there that this middle class working kid doesn't know about and doesn't need to see.

But little by little I started finding things I liked, people who seemed like a kindred spirit, people who simply had a story to tell. And I decided (1) that I had a story of my own and (2) that it was actually all right for me to tell it. If you look at the early posts, it has changed and evolved. I consider it self-expression. It's fun. I enjoy it.  I look forward to it.

But along the way, I've found interesting people saying interesting things. I stumbled across thepioneerwoman.com, who is apparently a rock star of food bloggers and a very interesting person. My own family comes from ranching (and farming) in Oklahoma. I see my cousins and aunts and uncles in the people she talks about.

So I find myself looking at a post of hers about mushroom soup that was so lovely and felt so good that I knew I had to do it. I rushed home yesterday after a quick trip to the store for mushrooms and cream and start cooking.

Husband comes down sniffing the air, but he does that most nights. Daughter in law comes through to borrow some eggs and hurry back to their house. They both get spoons and dipped into my soup and announced it "good."


And thanks to the other interesting people who keep me thinking in a world bigger than my own and keep me wanting to try new things.


And others.  Remember to try new things.  

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  1. I'm all smiley! Thanks for the compliment and right back at you! I enjoy reading your blog! And I do love the Pioneer Woman. She's an amazing writer and photographer! I remember that mushroom soup, it made me want to try it, I'll mark it in my favorites with the gazzilion other recipes I'd like to try.