Monday, March 1, 2010

Notes from the Greenhouse - Week of 2/28/2010

This week in the Greenhouse
  • I dug out more of the bottom of the composter and spread it on Raised Bed1 and Raised Bed 2. 
  • I'm enjoying my little bibb lettuce starts.  I planted out one in raised bed 1 and covered it with a milk jug with the bottom cut off.  Makes a little greenhouse for it.  Not sure that I should plant the others out yet.  Just playing. I'll save the milk jugs and the lid and use them to pick blackberries into late in the summer.  They make a nice scoup with a handle.
  • Ordered a package of Napolian Sweet Pepper seeds from seed  Haven't received them yet.  When I get them, I'll start them in the greenhouse.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  I didn't like the peppers I planted last year.
  • My snap peas will go in RB2.  Also my bush beans.  Need to get my snap peas started.  Last year I started them in the greenhouse.  Can I put them outside?  We've been getting 50-60 degree days and rain, but no severe nights in sight.
  • Will I ever be eating argula?  Patience.  It's fun to watch, but I want to eat it.
  • Bought a flat leaf parsley and rosemary plant at the nursery.  Yes I know, but I couldn't resist. 
  • Planted my spinach seeds directly in the ground in RB1.  Seems to early, but we haven't had a frost for a while and the ground drains well there.  May have been a mistake.  We'll see.
  • Weather report is mild this week with some possible rain a few days.  The greenhouse is maintaining 60 or 70 during the day and high 30s at night.
  • No sign of the beef steak tomatoes yet, but the volunteers are going great gun.  Pace yourselves guys, you've got a long ways to go.
  • I'm researching pressure canners.  I don't have one and I want to do some more canning this summer. 
Remember that spring is on its way.

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