Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Musings by the Youngest Osborne

Everyone eats at the Osbornes, even the youngest. 

Our grandson.

Meemaw (me) has mushed an over ripe barlett pear into a wet pulp.  It makes yummy eats for a baby. 

Happy to have it.  Thank you Meemaw.

I'm a good baby, Meemaw.

 Oh, maybe a little bit more.  I'm a hungry baby.   

Now a little walk with Papa.

Think I'll just hang here in the doorway and watch Meemaw put stuff in the bread machine.  Have I had bread yet, Meemaw?  No, baby, but soon.

Remember to spend time on important things.

1 comment:

  1. I love that biting on spoon pic with the toothless mouth. I had little bald boys too so this brought back so many memories. I see now why you push your kids to have babies, so that you can remember them when they were babies. or maybe it's to know that they finally understand what you went through for them. :P