Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breakfast at the Osbornes

Husband doesn't eat breakfast.  When he does, he doesn't eat lunch that day.  I think I can get more nutrition in him at lunch time.  Breakfast is about me. 

I have little baby spinach plants in raised bed 1, so I'm planning on a crop, but I'm buying it now. Here is my current favorite egg dish for breakfast.

A big handful of spinach leaves cleaned and ripped into bite size pieces and a half a baked potato left over from last night.  I removed the peal from the potato and cubed it.  I heated a skillet with a little canola oil and added the vegetables.  I cooked them until the spinach wilts.

Remove them to a bowl. In another bowl, 2 eggs and a little milk whisked together, then into the skillet to scramble. 

When the eggs are nearly as cooked as you like, add back the vegetables.  A little salt and pepper.  A little squirt of my favorite Asian sweet chili sauce.

Breakfast is ready.  Add a piece of toast with homemade apple butter (the next blog) and I'm ready to start my day.

 Remember to eat breakfast.

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