Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunch at the Osbornes

It is important to me that my husband eats a good lunch.  If left to his own (and I mean this kindly, dear), he would skip it or eat fast food.  Because we work together it isn't that hard.  Here I have quart canning jars.  In one is the left over Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry from the previous post.  Husband is a carnivore and would like to have meat with every meal, but he also needs vegetables and fruit.  I'll bring this for him each lunch time until it's gone.  In the other jar, I have a vegetarian lentil dish that I've made since my college years.  It is frugal and flavorful, seasoned with marjoram and other herbs.  I like it. The recipe came from the cookbook Grandma gave me.  See the the Beef and Barley Soup post for more about the cookbook.  I'll post the recipe for the lentil dish tomorrow.

I put them in canning canning jars because they are reuseable, dishwasher safe, and fit easily into my cooler.  Our work has a small frig but it always seems to be full of other people's stuff, so I use those blue freezer things to keep everything cold. 

The care it takes to do this every day is soothing to me.  Creating order in your outer world helps make order in your inner world.  Or something like that.  Keep it simple, keep it basic. 

And I have a stash of dark chocolate truffles at work, so good.

Remember to eat lunch.

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  1. I love the thought of holistically packing a lunch. I wish I had more time at night to make special things for my school guy. I keep meaning to make him filled aebelskiver with sausage and cheese to make his day but by the time I get to bed it's so late. and mornings I get up early to make him hot breakfast to send him to school. Life is so short between midnight and 7 a.m...