Monday, September 27, 2010

Use-The-Extra-Stew-Meat Soup

Everyone has left after a week of bliss culminating in the wedding our Step Son and our lovely new daughter in law.  I think they won't mind if I show a picture.

The house was packed with so many lovely and interesting people.
Husband is in the middle with his two brothers.  Yes, they came downstairs dressed alike.  Isn't it so interesting when you get family together?

Oh, and one more cutey picture,  because I can't resist.

Now, we are washing bath towels and bedding.  The extra stew meat is from Daughter-in-Law's frig.  She didn't get it used prior to leaving and brought it to us.  

Use-The-Extra-Stew-Meat Soup 

2 lbs stew meat, washed and dried.  I put a collendar in the sink, add the meat and rinse well.  Then I let it drain and dry it with paper towel.  If you don't do all this, okay.  Just what I do.   I I cut pieces a bit smaller because some of the pieces were too big.

A couple tablespoons olive oil in the pan.  Get it hot.  Add the meat and about a 1/2 cup of flour.  Mix it up and simmer until the meat browns.

Add a carton of beef broth, 1/2 cup pearl barley, 1/2 c. yellow split peas, 3 big carrots, cleaned and thinly sliced, and 1 red pepper, cleaned and chopped.

2 teaspoons of salt and a good tablespoon of minced garlic.  Several good shakes off the Tabasco sauce bottle.  We want some flavor here!

Simmer for an hour.  Or until the barley and peas are tender.  Stir a few times while it cooks. I like it thick.  Add more liquid if you like a soupier soup.

Remember to use the left overs. 


  1. So nice of you to share the pictures and the stew recipe.


  2. Mely, I've been enjoying your blog. It feels so nice and happy.