Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bush Beans in Raised Bed 2

Gardening was not really successful for me this year.  June in Washington was wet and cool.  My summer was taken up by the forced remodel.  A few things were awesome - blueberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, the herbs.   All now packed carefully in my freezer.  Others just didn't do much - peppers, strawberries, tomatoes.  I've got tomatoes now, but considering that there are 6 bushes, not much.

The beans are just now ready, in mid September.  Really late.  I planted these guys from seed one warm afternoon when I was on my own. 

Now, I have help. She's six and my favorite helper.  Her mom will marry Step Son in about a week.  She will be my step, step grand daughter.  I can't wait.  She calls me Meemaw.

I show her what size I want her to pick and turn her loose.  Look at her go!  She wants to cook with me every time I see her.  After the wedding, I hope to get a day with her to cook what she wants. 

Until then, we pick beans with our other favorite helper.  I remember similar activities with my own grandmother, now more than 40 years ago.  How is that possible? 

Not too bad of a mess of beans, do you think?

We've been looking through my cookbooks together, so I can see what she wants to make.  Anything with chocolate looks like the deal.  She likes the whole cupcake thing.

I talked to her mom about arranging our next play date, but she's a little busy planning a wedding.  Patience. 

Remember to pass along what you know.  

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