Sunday, June 19, 2011

Low glycemic diet

I wasn't present for Dr. Hoffman's first conversation with Husband about diet.  He says she advised that he eat significantly less meat, more fish and more vegetables.  He says she told him that early history people did not eat meat regularly and advised that he would be well nourished on a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet.  He told her that eating meat was extremely important to him.  Well, he said it differently, but that's what he meant.

Since Dr. Hoffman is my doctor also, I was able to have a subsequent conversation with her about this.  She recommended that I look into a low glycemic diet and suggested a book on the subject.  

Low glycemic diet has the following benefits - may reduce the risk of heart disease, may allow for reduction of weight. may help with reduction of cholesterol and pre-diabetes. You get to eat meat.  You shouldn't eat bread, rice, potatoes, sugar, processed food and certain sweet fruit, like ripe bananas and grapes.

Husband isn't happy with the plan and I can't say I blame him.  Food has always been my friend.  When did it become my enemy?      

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