Sunday, June 5, 2011

Greek Yogurt

I'm helping provide food for a family event in about a month. So far my duties appear to be hummus and tzatziki sauce, a large vegetable tray and pita wedges for dipping, although I've been thinking about thinly slicing small bagels and toasting the slices.  

Doesn't sound too bad. I make, and love hummus. I love tzatziki sauce (a Greek yogurt sauce), but have never made it.  The Pita Pit makes the yummiest humus veggie pita sandwich with tzatziki sauce.  I could eat it every day.  I may have mentioned that Husband is a carnivore, so I don't eat it every day. 

So my next job is to practice tzatziki sauce until I'm happy with the outcome, but I need Greek yogurt to make tzatziki. Greek yogurt, when purchased at the store, is like twice the price of regular top quality yogurt.  Greek yogurt is also significantly thicker and more concentrated.  It has a stronger, more yogurty flavor.

You can make Greek Yogurt by lining a colander with several layers of cheese cloth.  Add plain, unflavored yogurt and allow the liquid to drain from it until the desired thickness. 

Some instructions on the Internet recommend doing this overnight.  I've done that and I don't recommend draining it that long.  I've found that my homemade yogurt turns nice and thick in 3 to 4 hours.  It should stand a spoon securely.

Next:  Attempt one at Tzatziki sauce.  Remember to play with your food.


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  2. I LOVE tzatziki! I could put it on everything!