Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changes at the Osbornes

This is a hard subject for me right now.  We recently found out that my beloved husband has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  There will need to be some changes around here.  They've already started.

One of the reasons that I was so frightened initially was that I thought he wouldn't tolerate the changes that he needs to make well.  To understand why, you need to know a little more.  Sometimes big, strong, and physically powerful men have a hard time dealing with their own human frailties.  There, was that polite enough?  OK, well try this.  He is a big, old baby about some things.  Sorry Dear.  

But I've been so pleased and proud of him.  We've already started making some changes.  The last several years starting around 2008 have been hard on us, struggling to keep our business going in an economy that just isn't working for us.  We've had stress and long hours behind our desks. 

But we've started an exercise program.  There is medication involved.  And there will be some changes coming from the kitchen, too.  That's me.  Whether I will continue to blog about this, I don't know.  Like I say, it's a tender subject.  Just saying. 


  1. I want to email you about this but I don't see your address here on your blog. Will you email me at

  2. Check your e-mail. I'd be happy to hear anything you've got to say about this.