Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Trip; Day 3 part 1

Day three was a very long day, very long.  And yes, we are going to end up back in the "roomette." 

It started waking up at the Citizens and going out to breakfast at the Capitol Garage on 15th and K.   And no I didn't have reservations.  It was suggested from the lady at the front desk at the Citizens.  And it was good.   

Then back to our room.  We would be homeless as soon as we needed to vacate our room and we planned to stay there until check out time.  We did a couple things that grown up married people do.  Then we watched a movie.  Somehow, we fell asleep and woke up just after check out time.  We jumped up and got ready to leave.  We hadn't intended to stay so long.  Out the door and down to turn in our door card lock keys.

We were walking down the street several blocks away when Husband says "where are my rings?"  Then, "I don't have my wallet."  We walked back to the Citizens and marched up to the front desk to tell the young man that we think we left some personal property in our room.  A steward was called and Husband went up to get his rings and wallet, as well as his reading glasses that he hadn't missed, yet.  And my toothpaste.

Again, we headed down the street pulling our bags behind us.  We made it all the way to the train station where we turned in our bags for storage.  We wouldn't be boarding for hours and we had other plans, so shedding the bags made sense.  But, in the process, I realized that I also didn't have our train tickets.

I racked my brain while Husband looked at me.  I thanked him for not yelling at me.  Then it occured to me that I had given the young man at the front desk at the Citizen the garbage from my purse, which he had put in the garbage can for me.  I had to have given the tickets to him.  Where else could they be?  I don't usually loose things and I was sure they had been in my purse.

So back we go to the Citizens.  The young may at the front desk may well have thought we had been drinking, but no.  We had just woke out of a sound sleep.  He fished our tickets from the garbage and handed them to me.

Our first stop was the Westfield Mall.  Right in downtown Sacramento, an easy walk.  There is a Westfield Mall in Vancouver.  The sign is the same, so they are obviously connected.  We shopped for a while until it was time for our movie.  We saw the Harry Potter movie.  Pretty cool if you haven't seen it.  It was dark when we came out.  We needed dinner then to get to the train station. 

As we headed down I street, we walked up on a man and woman who were kissing.  You know, kissing.  Just as we came level with them on the side walk, they parted and the woman stepped directly in front of me.  I mean touching me close to me. 

Neither Husband or I are timid or fearful people, really to a fault, and we know it.  My first reaction was lean into her and say "Excuse me?" in my sacastic voice.  Husband's first reaction was to go into his protection mode, grabbing my arm and pulling me back so that he could step between us.  Then, she stepped away and walked off.  I felt the man directly behind me step away and walk away, also.

We stood there for a few seconds looking around.  What had happened?  I think these people were going to mug us.  When they realized we would not go down easily and would fight back, they stopped.  I'm not suggesting that you try this at home, folks.  I'm not saying this was a good thing.  Just reporting what happened.  

We made our way to dinner and later got on the train - just after midnight.  I told you this was a long day.  More story to tell.  I'll continue soon.  

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  1. Why is it, when something small goes wrong in the beginning, often times the whole trip/job/task is just a bit off the whole way through? Sounds like you also had a busy day.