Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitchen Talk #4; Really?

Looks like I picked up a counterfeit $10 bill.  Literally.   I was walking out of Target after shopping.  On the ground in front of me in the parking lot was a bill.  There was no one standing around close by and I didn't see where it came from so I put it in my pocket.  When I got back to the car, I took it out and was about to incorporate it into my wallet.  There was something not quite right about it.  It looked like a $10 bill but the feel of wasn't right.  I decided that it had been run through a clothes washer or something and put it in my wallet. 

But I started thinking about it.  I took it out and looked at it, again.  I had others look at it.  Some thought it was real.  Others were suspicious.  I wouldn't want to pass along fake money.  I decided to take it to the bank.  I bank at a small local bank which means everybody knows me and I know everyone there.  (There's another kitchen talk there.)  I asked my regular lady to look at it.  I told her it is probably fine, but what did she think?  She took it to other people and came back saying they thought it was fake and that she was required to take it.  She said they would send it to a place where people would make an actual determination.  If they decided it was real, I'd get it back.  If not, I'd get a receipt saying that it was confiscated. 

So here's what I think about that.  Here is someone who clearly has some skills.  There must be some technical skills to know how to make a passable bill.  Also, there are organizational skills.  This person can make a plan and put it into action, then follow through to completion.  This isn't a timid person.  It would take some guts to tender fake money.  This is a person who could use all those skills to do something actually good or helpful.  They could hold down a job, for pete's sake. 

But no, this thief uses all his talents to cheat business owners out of their hard earned money.  No excuse!  Shame!  That's all I have to say about that.

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