Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just a few thoughts from here.

  • Husband is pleasantly snoring on the couch, (no, we won't show a picture of that, although it is cute).  And I'm alternately wrapping a few presents and cooking.  The pantry is full. We are warm and healthy.  There is work to do on Monday.  What more can a person want? 
  • This has got me imspired and is the basis of tonight's meal.  I'm modifying it some to suit us.  Thanks to Moms for Safe food for this.
  • The Golden Retriever is warm and happy and curled up under the tree.  As I walk by, he looks up as to say, "what should we do now, Mom?"  Like you've done anything all day, Dude.  Just be happy.  All is well. 
  • I've frequently enjoyed a blogger, Foy.  She is insightful and interesting.  I enjoyed her phase as a food blogger.  Her current passion is to organize her personal possessions and to remove those things which don't add value to her life.  I've watched her go through shoes, books, kitchen items and more, evaluating what is important to her and eliminating the rest. 

I tend to be a pretty organized person.  My stuff is pretty tidy and I have storage for a few extra odd things, if I wish.  But her quest has found me looking through my own things.  This drawer contains recipes, which I compulsively collect. Little things hand written.  Some things in my mother's handwriting. It is a small part of my collection.  It is not untidy.  But, I'm committing myself to go through it, try the recipes and make decisions.  Perhaps preserve those important ones in some more permanent format.  How do you store recipes and other important bits of paper?    

Remember to make conscious decisions about your life.


  1. Hmmm, I will tell you this, they are not stored in an accessible manner. Oops.

  2. I'm smiling really big right now! I tell people I blog to keep myself accountable, to practice writing, to fully form ideas.

    What I don't tell people is that I hope to inspire others and find comradery. Thanks for being my co-hort!

  3. Sweet husband, cozy home, cute dog, good food, pretty Christmas tree, collections of recipes. Aren't we fortunate?