Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3, Part 2

When we were "mugged", we were on our way to dinner.  Earlier we had seen a McCormicks & Schmicks, which we recognized as a company is based out of Portland, Oregon.  We are quite familiar with it and decided we could use something familiar, so we headed there.

I had steamer clams and Husband had fish, I can't remember what kind.  Now I consider my self fairly schooled in a few foods and beverages.  Steamers is one of those foods.  I love them and have eaten them everywhere and every chance I get.  These weren't too hot.  Bland and too chewy.  Too long cooked, I think. Sorry, McCormick's.  Quality control people need to be sent to Sacramento.  We sat there as long as we could.  We decided to have a drink.  Better to sit in McCormicks & Schmicks than the train station.

We are nearing end of the story for this day.  We headed back to the train station to wait for our train at about 10 p.m.  I was only a little bit freaked out because of our last experiences.  But arrived unharmed we did.  

We had had a little fight about the the scheduling of the train.  How could I have possibly scheduled a midnight train?  The fight renewed with some tense words, but it didn't last long.  We are a pretty steady team in the clinches.  We get a long well during most tough times.  It's when things get to easy, that we sometimes have problems. 

I recovered our baggage from storage and we sat down to wait.  I nice older lady came and sat next to us.  She started talking and continued for most of the wait.  She was retired from working in the DMV.  She was from Sacramento but she lives in Klamath Falls.  Her family still lives here.  She had been visiting family here.  Husband went to buy coffee from the concession stand.  He returned for another 3 more times.  Well, I drank my share of it.  

The train was scheduled to arrive at 11:59 p.m.,  although it was 20 minutes later when they announced it's arrival so we are technically into Day 4, but I'll continue.  We had another little fight about whether we should stand in line or wait until the line got shorter (maybe it's time to go home, ya' think). But eventually we made our way onto the train and was greeted by our porter, Lorna, a big friendly black woman with a very kind smile.  I liked her immediately, but it was time to go to sleep.  We found our "roomette"  and settled in for another night like the first.  This one headed North.  Since we are into Day 4 now, I'll leave the rest to later.  

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