Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rice and Raisins / Breakfast at the Osbornes

I meant to blog about Easter which was spent at Step-son's house.  He prepared his barbecued ribs which we all enjoy and look forward to.  He has a special homemade sauce.  I meant to blog about this, but I was so caught up in feeling good that day that I did not take the photos.  I did not plan the blog the way I normally do.  

Well here is just a hint. But blogging about Josh's ribs and Josh's barbecue sauce is surely coming soon.

We ate Josh's ribs and tri-tip for three nights since.  So the other night, I came home from work and made a pot of rice and a caeser salad and heated the ribs.  I had the thought that breakfast was already handled. 
When I was a kid, treats were humble.  There was no McDonald's in the town I grew up in until my teens.  We had the occasional bakery doughnut, but we didn't go out for breakfast.  In fact we didn't go out at all very often.  No, treats were humble and at home.  One favorite breakfast treat was cinnamon toast.  I remember fondly the hot toast coming out of the broiler with the carelized sugar with cinnamon crusty and crinkly on it.  Mom cut it cross-wise and gave us triangels with glasses of milk. 

But tomorrow is Rice and Raisins for breakfast, which was another treat from my childhood.  I went to Diane's Produce yesterday.  Along with the produce I purchased, I bought a jar of local honey.  But I prefer brown sugar with this. 

Easy done.  Bowl of cooked white rice.  Small handfull of raisins.  Brown sugar.  Add milk like you would with cereal.  Into the microwave and cook until its steamy hot.  Tomorrow will be a good morning. 

Remember to keep it simple.  

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