Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baked Fish with Herbs

I come from a family with a shared trait of dealing with problems by micromanaging and controlling our environment.  By the way, I don't consider this a bad thing.  Many problems can be solved by careful organization and a methodical approach.  Micromanaging a checking account, for example, means you are never overdrawn.  Micromanaging the laundry means that you have clean clothes nicely put away. 

Unfortunately, such an approach to life does not guarantee happiness.  And I married a free spirit with a wild side.  His way can get us into trouble and worse than trouble.  Somewhere in the middle is probably best.

So when my mother gained a little weight when I was in my early teens, what happened was not not out of character in the family I grew up in.  She put us all on a very strict diet.  None of us were overweight or ever have been.  I remember each day she had a certain number of vegetable and fruit servings, and a maximum number of bread, rice and potatoe servings for each of us.  I remember we went to skim milk and desert was out of the question for some time.   We ate a lot of broiled skinless, boneless chicken breast, which is bland when not seasoned well.  I remember Dad complaining.  "Now, Cathy!"  But once she lost the weight she wanted to, we all got to eat again.

One good thing from that time was baked fish.  She'd put the fish in foil with little pieces of butter and fresh herbs over top, then wrap it up and bake until flaky.  This with a mountain of fresh green beans is a great meal. 

It's still early in the season, but I do have hebs in the yard and the greenhouse.  I went about with scissors collecting a big handful which included parsley, chives, and oregano, taking the time to smell them and feel them.  Washed and inspected carefully.  Anything I don't want to eat was pinched off.
Chopped well.  Add a couple of cloves of garlic minced.  I am nearing the end of my precious stash of garlic from my garden.
Pieces of firm white fish go on a big piece of foil.  A good dose of olive oil and salt.  I'm really into coarse sea salt right now.  The herbs on top, then fold the foil around the fish to form a packet. 

Now into the oven to bake until the fish flakes when pricked with a fork.  Scrap most of the herbs off before serving.  They've done the job of flavoring the fish.  Steaming it in the foil left it moist.  Yum.  And good for you. 

Together with roast potatoes,  a good meal.  Remember to eat your fish and remember that a little control isn't a bad thing. 

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