Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Chili Salsa #2

My first attempt at green chili salsa was not exactly what I'm looking for.  You wouldn't stick a chip in it, although its almost gone three days later and I'll be making it again.  It was fantastic as a sandwich spread, almost like a relish, but not sweet.  The added vinegar makes the ph more acid and safe for canning, which I'll be doing again soon.

Attempt #2 - Salsa Verde

1 1/2 lb tomatillos.  Remove the husk and wash well.  They are kind of sticky on the outside but that comes off and I'm think it should.

Quarter them. 

Put them skin side up on a sheet pan and roast them by sticking them under a broiler for a few minutes.

I'm not sure I have exactly what I want yet.  They don't brown like roasting peppers.  They kind of fall apart.  Looks like more experimentation is in order.

1/4 white onion, chopped
1 T. lime juice
1/4 t. sugar
2 jalapeno peppers, stemmed and seeded

Made 3 cups.  Very flavorful.  I'm a light weight with spiciness.  I get enough fast. 

But by the next day, the flavors had mellowed a bit.  Do you think it freezes? 

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