Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday night left over roast

I worked a little late and got in just in time to head out to yoga.  No time to start a casserole.  When I return, husband is on the couch watching a documentary about Yellowstone National Park.  I start the oven, and pull out one of those refrigerator biscuit tubes.  I pull out the chicken from last night.  I go to the pantry for a jar of chicken gravy. 

Yes, this meal violates all my rules.  You'll probably think poorly of me because I had those things. This isn't one of those beautiful and perfect blogs.  This is a real life blog.  Yoga night blog.   

On goes a pot of brocolli.

A biscuit, chicken meat warmed in the microwave, gravy heated in a sauce pan on the stove. 

Supper on the couch with husband watching documentaries.

As I clean up, I starting chopped bacon and vegetables.  It's going to be soup for tomorrow.  I've got some Alaska cod and some wild Oregon shrimp.  The veggies are from Diane's Produce.  I'm going to call it Pacific Northwest Chowder.  Check back. 

Remember what's important.  

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  1. You won't see me throwing stones at that meal. Sounds delicious and still a whole heck of alot better than eating out.