Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where I stand.

I'm not exactly June Cleaver, but I believe in a few things. First, a stable, safe place to come home to makes it easier to venture out in the world. No matter what else happens, you can retreat and regroup somewhere good. Second, food is very important to civilization. Food doesn't just keep us from starving. It creates traditions, affects our moods and attitudes, provides emotional support for us and those we choose to feed. I'm so sad to know kids whose comfort foods include McDonalds. And Third, simplest food is the best. Enough said. And Finally, a world where one person (Mom) stays home and does everything to create a home is fast becoming history.

So how do you keep the crew feed, give everyone in your immediate family the security of a warm kitchen and a set table? Some days it is just impossible. Other days it is close to impossible. I've got a few things that work for me. They aren't fancy and they aren't hard. The hard part is consistency.

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