Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Pot of Chile

I make a pretty good big pot of chile. My mom did too. I remember she used to put bacon in hers. She'd say "bacon is expensive, but it sure gives a lot a taste." We'd eat a meal or two from it, but she would freeze the rest in Mason jars. We'd be happy to come home from school and find a frozen mason jar in the sink because it meant chile, or split pea soup, or one of the other things she did that with. We ate chili with shredded cheese on it and pieces of corn bread. Mom split open the corn bread and put butter and Karo syrup or molasses on it and thought it was a big treat.

My chile is not mom's recipe, but I think it is good and people like it. It doesn't usually last long enough to freeze, but I'd really like to do that. I make corn meal muffins out of corn meal, bisquik, an egg and someother stuff. We like that with home made soup or casserole and eat it happily. No one else seems to have these child hood food associations, so it is all about me. But I fantasize that I may be making future comfort food for someone else.

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