Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last night was bliss. Hailey colored at the table and talked to me while I cooked. Darrell sat in the family room with Caleb. When I called to the table, Darrell still had to hold Caleb and couldn't eat. I forgot to withhold the bread until Hailey had eaten so she ate bread first and ask for more before eating anything else. I had to deny her a second piece, but she was a trouper and ate her salad and casserole. I've been telling her that I am the queen of casseroles.

When I finished, I took Caleb and Darrell ate. Caleb fell back to sleep on me. Such as pleasure to feel his little body rise and fall. He is so warm. Mom came to get them and stayed for a while. Hailey and I danced to Kink (radio station) until I was exhausted. I forget I'm an old woman sometimes.

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