Sunday, February 13, 2011

Presents For My Littlest Valentines and Melynda's Cottage Cheese Buns

Can you keep a secret? 

This one is for Step Granddaughter.

I found this guy at Goodwill.

A small box of chocolates.  You Rock.

Not really sure what this thing is except that it probably has M and Ms in it.  She'll have fun figuring it out. 

And one Peeps because I'm a Peeps freek and I'll probably be teaching that.
Not a bad little package, do you think? 

And for Brilliant Baby , a.k.a the Rock Star.

Also from Goodwill.

Foil Wrapped Chocolates.  He unwraps Kisses and hands the foil back to Papa, so this will be age-appropriate.   
 Another Peeks went into his package.  The rest are in my drawer.  Osbornes, stay out! 

Purr-tect Valentine.

Another fun package.  Both went up high in my closet for tomorrow.  Let's just say I had a little Fun with that.

Now.  Other important matters.  I've been meaning to try Melynda's Cottage Cheese Buns for some time.  They went great with our roast last night.  The batter is sticky, but So Pretty and Fragrant.  Yummy 

Daughter-in-law grew up in a house that did no baking.  She watched and we talked about yeast and smelled the dough.  A pleasant time.
Babies like them.  I brushed a little melted butter on top.  But otherwise, it's all Melynda.  Thanks!

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