Monday, February 21, 2011

Traditional Food is Cheap: Hominy Casserole

This is Installment #2 in my Traditional Food is Cheap series

Hominy is a traditional food in pioneer times and the South.  It is made from corn.  This is one of those things it's better not to question how it happens. Dried and ground hominy is called Grits.  Grits and hominy kept many a poor family in the South from hunger during the depression.  

My mother didn't make Hominy, but she did buy it at the store and used it in casseroles and stews.  I wonder why she used hominy.  Did she think it was frugal food?  Did it remind her of childhood?  Did she like it?  I like it and my husband likes it.

So imagine my surprise the other day when the lovely Daughter in Law asked me about hominy.  She had chosen to make a Chicken Tortilla soup recipe which was delicious and contained hominy.   In fact, hominy is found in some Hispanic dishes.  If you can't find it in the vegetable aisle at the grocery store, they will surely have it in the Hispanic section.

Hominy Casserole Makes (6 servings)
1 lb ground beef ($3.99 per lb; $.67 per serving)
15.5 oz can yellow or white hominy, drained ($.69 per can; $.12 per serving)
2 8 oz cans Tomato sauce ($.50 cents each; $.17 per serving)
1 3.8 oz can sliced black olive, drained ($1.85; $.31 per serving)
1 t. salt (less than $.01 per serving)
1/2 t. garlic powder ($1.70/oz; 6 t. = 1 oz; $.02 per serving)
1 t. dry minced onion ($1.43/oz; $.04 per serving)
2 t. Italian seasoning ($3.51/oz; $.20 per serving)
1/8 t. cayenne pepper ($1.03/oz; About $.01 per serving)
1 c. shredded medium cheddar cheese (About $.28 per serving)

About $1.83 per serving for this dish.

Brown the meat and drain off any liquid.  Add all ingredients except the cheese.  Cook on medium heat covered for approximately 15 minutes.  Top with cheese.  Cover and simmer on low an additional 5 minutes.  Do not stir after applying the cheese. 
Corn meal muffins and a vegetable.  Yummy stuff.


  1. My Mom did not use it in a casserole, she simply fried it. I love this fried in a bit of bacon fat and seasoned with S&P and cumin. Your casserole reminds me of Tamale Pie only with hominy, sounds delicious.

  2. Hominy fried in bacon fat? Well, now that does sound good.