Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Pot Pie

The Thanksgiving pagent was awesome and fun.  They made their own cute little costumes and sang little songs.

So many happy cute little children.  I haven't been working much the last few days and that's going to have to stop, but, heck, these moments are few and go by so fast.    

I made turkey pie around this time last year.

We are busy this week. We won't be eating turkey on T-Day. So this will be our dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  I don't really use a recipe.  Lots of vegetables like carrot, peas and potatoe.  Onion and garlic.  Make a rue of flour and oil.  Add liquids of broth or half and half or both to make a sauce.  Salt, pepper, whatever seasonings you like.  I tend to favor Italian seasonings.  There are recipes out there if you want one.  But this is about lattice crust.
Start one direction.  Cut thin slices with a pizza cutter.  Actually, my mother had a special cutter with a zigzag edge.  Wish I had one.  
Then pull back every other one and start the other direction.

Lay back the opposit set every other one and do another row.

Then lay back the opposite group ever other one and add another row.

  And Another

 I'd really like to promote world peace through lattice crust.  If I'm not being clear, please let me know.   A good lattice crust on a casserole changes everything a soothes the savage beast.

Just cut back the extra edges so a 1/2 inch hangs over and smush them against the edge of the casserole dish.  Dab the finished lattice top with a beaten egg and I mean get it wet with the eg everywhere.  Bake until brown and the filling is bubbly hot.  If it is bubbling up between the lattace, consider that a bonus.

Remember to enjoy the moments you will remember when they are actually happening.


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