Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember to Enjoy Yourself with Someone You Love

Whoever suggesting eating to live instead of living to eat, needs to get out more. 

Husband and I work very hard.  Pre-recession when our business made, oh, a little more money, we went out to dinner more.  We enjoyed trying new places and sampling things we wouldn't normally eat.  We are humble people from working class families who worked very hard to produce us.  We are grateful.  I don't really mind that we go out less.  In fact, we enjoy it so much more now.  Life can be hard, but you appreciate things more, don't you think?

At lunch we went to Hudson Bay Bar and Grill  It is in the Heathman in Vancouver WA.  One of our favor places in the area.

I had their house salad with blue cheese dressing, yum.  And the most lovely thing: A bed of barley cooked in a rich stock with herbs covered with sauted prawns, oysters and clams in shell.  I've always said that the best food is eaten with those tiny forks and the hands.  There was a lovely broth or sauce over it.  Normally I can identify the tastes of herbs and spices.  I know only from the menu that it was Saffron which I know very little about except that it is horribly expensive, from a flower that is harvested in France, and it is red.  And judging from my lunch absolutely delicious.  I stuffed myself and we had a great talk, the kind of thing husbands and wifes do, about the kids, the future, the next trip we are planning, our memories about things. 

Husband had corn chicken chowder which was equally delicious.  Isn't in the best thing that simple food can be the best?  It had been up close and personal with cream and butter.  Although it was pureed, there was a very earthy vegetable base.  But it wasn't completely pureed.  I don't believe in baby food soup.  There were some chunks of corn and chicken, small but enough to add texture and feel.  Yum, Yum.

I didn't taste his sandwich but it was thick sliced turkey on rustic bread.  He liked it and ate every crumb.

I didn't have it this time, but try the seafood stew.  Yum, Yum and Awesome.  I would love to take a lesson on the stock for this stew.  I've made soup all my life.  I have several cook books on the subject.  My mother was the queen of the stew pot, this seafood stew is just plain excellent.   If you go at night, they have a pot of steamer clams that are just delicious.  Husband has enjoyed their local fish specials several times.

Remember to enjoy yourself when you can.  But remember to go back to work.

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  1. That is a lovely place, have been there a couple of time, well worth returning! Thanks for the reminder.