Monday, August 16, 2010

Local Eggs

I've been toying with the idea of keeping a couple chickens and a small coop at our business property.  I'm not serious, really.  I've got enough projects that I'm not getting done well enough.  The idea of more live animals depending upon me really isn't a good idea.  It's an interesting dream that has lead me through so research and planning.  But how to keep the Doberman Pincher who occupies the same property from torturing them?  And what if they get sick or die?  I don't buy cut flowers because they last only a couple days and then die.  It is such a shame and a waste.  If a chicken died, I'd feel terrible. So it really isn't going to happen unless another member of my family takes it on. 

I've bought local organic brown eggs from a couple sources.  I try not to let the $4 per dozen price stop me.  I'm sure it costs that.  And $4 one way or the other should not be a problem.  But I was raised frugally and I worry about these things.

I've been doing some research.  I live in Vancouver, WA, but I lived in the north and mid Willamette Valley in Oregon most of my life.  There is a commercial egg farm in the North Willamette Valley.  They claim to be Antibiotic free and Hormone Free.  And they are out of Canby Oregon, just South of Portland.  Around 30 miles from me.  I bought a cartoon at Diane's Produce Market today for $1.99.  More research to be done, but this may be the answer.

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