Sunday, August 1, 2010

August / Calendar change month

Summer means many things to me, a conscientious use of sun screen, berries, grilled food, and changing of calendars.  Yes, I change calendars in August.  At one point, I was a teacher.  Before that, I was a student.  Years ago, I got in the habit of keeping an academic calendar.  This is a version of the calendar that starts in August.  Instead of buying calendar inserts in December, I buy them in July.  I have a very specific preference.¾-x-6-¾-academic-textagenda-refill-c-115_19_104_2629_109_895.html

I enjoy this change, the smooth, fresh feel of the new one.  I'm making many fresh starts right now - changes at the house due to the flood.  This one seems quite appropriate.

The binding on the old one is broken from heavy use.

Tattered, really.  It's been a hard year.  

The new one is beautiful.  Don't you think?  Full of promise for an organized and prosperous year. 
And already stuffed with recipes.  Remember to make plans and be organized.

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