Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Flood / Our Renewal

I don't want to get into a rant.  Well, maybe I do.

Late in May, a pipe broke in a bathroom on the second floor of our house.  We were gone for hours while water poured in our house.  When I came home, the garage was flooded with water pouring through the ceiling and out from under the door to the house.  When I went through the door into the house, there was literally water pouring from the can lights on the first floor.

We've been through some interesting challenges in the last month and a half.  Let me first say, thank God for good insurance.  The current tally is around $34,000 damages to our house.  All repairs were covered.  In addition, we've stayed in a motel.  I could not cook.  We basically lived out of the vehicles, the motel room and our business.  The insurance covered our motel and 70% of our eating out bill.  We've had some lovely meals.  I've eaten my fill of my favorite foods.   

But it is times like this, you see what you are really made of.  You also see what the people around you are made of.  I had a couple really good break downs, but we are coming back strong.  Many but not all of the repairs to the house have been made. 

Here is what our kitchen looked like just a month ago.   

And other areas of my house.

And more

 You have to stop and wonder what all the stuff in your life is really worth.  Don't you?  What's important?  And what if it's all gone.  What will you do?

We are coming back soon.  Believe it or not, we live here again.  Have I said thank goodness for good insurance recently?

We are not 100% yet.  We have a ways to go.  We are calling it the Osborne Re-boot.  Check back for more.  Remember not to worry.

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  1. What a nightmare!
    And I agree- thank goodness for good insurance.