Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another fine morning

Just a few idle observations:

First, raspberrries and Shredded Wheat is good.

Next, thanks to the forced remodel, I've been living in a house without carpet.  Last night I came home to the beginning of the carpet.  Carpet is better than no carpet.

Also, when you have carpet installed, all your worldly possessions have to get piled somewhere else.  I am an orderly, organized person, really I am.


And, thanks to the forced remodel, I've got a new stove. It has a dehydrator setting. I put these cherries in at 8 p.m. and took them out at 5 a.m. at 110 degrees.  They are delicious and yes, I've already eaten some of them. Good snacks for the Grandkids and fun.  I took the last of the elk meat out of the freezer and am researching how to make jerky.  New toys are fun.

Next, this is my good and loyal friend who can't wait to come to work with me every morning. 

Remember that life is good.

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