Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visit with my Mom

I'd like you to meet my mom.  She lives in an assisted living facility some 70 miles away.  My sister lives close to her and does a great job of helping her.  It is my turn today.  My sister and her boyfriend have left her with me for the day while they visit other relatives.

My mother has had a number health issues that have left her with difficulty communicating.  She says individual words and phrases, but can not engage in actual conversations.  I believe she understands what I tell her, but her responses are usually, "yes", "no", "I don't know" or "maybe."  There is sometimes a bit more. 

I decided that if we were to spend the full day alone together, we needed a language that was not verbal.  Of course, that was cooking.  It is from my mother that I get my love for it and my love of food in general. 

We made Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon.  We had a grand time.  We laughed and played in my kitchen.  Various of my family came through and participated.  My wonderful step-son came through to hug her and to tell her how good it smelled.  She held my stepson's new son.

At night, we ate like kings and queens.  

What a wonderful day.  Many people will remember it.  Thanks Mom.


  1. What a wonderful posting. It makes me want to cry. My mother is a nursing home. Unfortunately, I live 900 miles away and only visit with her about once a year. But she has other children living nearby.

  2. Your mom looks great LeAnn...Im so glad you got to spend time with her.